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Speakers are 67% male.
Speaker count:
3 speakers total and one woman

WeAreDevelopers JavaScript Day

18.05.2022       Wien

In the past 25 years JavaScript grew to the most used programming language when it comes to the web. More than 90% of all websites use it in some way. Modern web development is unimaginable without JavaScript anymore and with all the frameworks out there the possibilities for developers become never-ending.

That's why we have invited a bunch of devs and experts from our community to share their knowledge with you and get you updated about some of the best practices and new trends when it comes to JS.

So buckle up, get comfy and enjoy the WeAreDevelopers Live - JavaScript Day!

Topics (Tags):
Developer community javascript Tech

Speakers are 100% male.
Speaker count:
3 speakers total and 0 women

WeAreDevelopers Cloud Day

06.04.2022       Wien

From startups and small business to big enterprises - everyone uses clouds nowadays. Modern software and web applications are not imaginable without cloud services anymore.

Learn more about this highly interesting and important topic for developers, DevOps specialists, architects and others at our WeAreDevelopers Live - Cloud Day.

Get yourself comfortable and ready to tune in!

Topics (Tags):
cloud community Tech Development

Speakers are 92% male.
Speaker count:
61 speakers total and 5 women

ContainerConf / Continuous Lifecycle 2019

12.11.2019       Mannheim

ContainerConf: Die Konferenz zu Kubernetes, Docker & Co.
Continuous Lifecycle: Die Konferenz zu Continous Delivery und DevOps
Beide Konferenzen sind Partnerkonferenzen die zeitgleich in den gleichen Räumlichkeiten stattfinden und ein gemeinsames Programm haben.

Topics (Tags):
cloud Tech devops it

Speakers are 50% male.
Speaker count:
26 speakers total and 13 women

Github Satellite

23.05.2019       Berlin

Join workshops and talks for today’s software developers, maintainers, and teams. This year explores our interconnected community—and how collaboration turns ideas into innovations.

Topics (Tags):
Tech it

Speakers are 80% male.
Speaker count:
44 speakers total and 9 women

Landing Festival

03.04.2019       Berlin

This is a knowledge driven event with curated talks, tracks, and workshops on the latest trends, topics, and networking opportunities within the tech community.

Topics (Tags):
Tech data science product management

Speakers are 10% male.
Speaker count:
43 speakers total and 39 women

Ada Lovelace Festival 2017

19.10.2017       Berlin

Connecting Women in Computing & Technology

Topics (Tags):
AI Tech coding it

Speakers are 75% male.
Speaker count:
27 speakers total and 7 women

Drupalcamp Frankfurt 2017

23.04.2017       Frankfurt

Topics (Tags):
Drupal php Tech

Speakers are 76% male.
Speaker count:
29 speakers total and 7 women

VRNOW Conference

16.11.2016       Potsdam

Topics (Tags):
games VR Tech

Speakers are 85% male.
Speaker count:
53 speakers total and 8 women

Displaying all 9 events