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Speakers are 80% male.
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5 speakers total and one woman

DevOps Day

10.11.2021       Wien, Alsergrund

With the rising demand to quickly deliver high-quality software products to the market and to efficiently maintain them, the role of DevOps in the product development lifecycle becomes more important with every day.

Get recent insights into a great combination of cultural philosophies, work practices, and tools that will increase your ability to deliver applications and services at a faster pace than anyone else.

Sounds good? Join the DevOps Day now.

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Speakers are 100% male.
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5 speakers total and 0 women

DevOps Best Practices

19.10.2021       Wien, Alsergrund

There's much going on in the tech-world. How to keep track of all that?

Gain recent insights and tips from pro's themselves- from best practices, new technologies to anything else you need to be faster, better and more focused on what you do.

Join us on the WeAreDevelopers Live - DevOps- Best practices day and get yourself a pro!

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Speakers are 72% male.
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14 speakers total and 4 women

WeAreDevelopers Live Week

05.10.2020       virtual

Welcome to the second edition of the WeAreDevelopers Live Week. Join 12,000+ of the world’s brightest minds in software development to learn, share secrets and connect online from the comfort of your home – and for free.

For 5 days, WeAreDevelopers will stream 5 tracks, consisting of hyper-focused coding sessions, hands-on workshops and live Q&A sessions to help take your skills to the next level.

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Speakers are 92% male.
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61 speakers total and 5 women

ContainerConf / Continuous Lifecycle 2019

12.11.2019       Mannheim

ContainerConf: Die Konferenz zu Kubernetes, Docker & Co.
Continuous Lifecycle: Die Konferenz zu Continous Delivery und DevOps
Beide Konferenzen sind Partnerkonferenzen die zeitgleich in den gleichen Räumlichkeiten stattfinden und ein gemeinsames Programm haben.

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Speakers are 85% male.
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53 speakers total and 8 women

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