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ContainerConf / Continuous Lifecycle 2019

12.11.2019       Mannheim

ContainerConf: Die Konferenz zu Kubernetes, Docker & Co.
Continuous Lifecycle: Die Konferenz zu Continous Delivery und DevOps
Beide Konferenzen sind Partnerkonferenzen die zeitgleich in den gleichen Räumlichkeiten stattfinden und ein gemeinsames Programm haben.

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cloud Tech devops it

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Github Satellite

23.05.2019       Berlin

Join workshops and talks for today’s software developers, maintainers, and teams. This year explores our interconnected community—and how collaboration turns ideas into innovations.

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Tech it

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Landing Festival

03.04.2019       Berlin

This is a knowledge driven event with curated talks, tracks, and workshops on the latest trends, topics, and networking opportunities within the tech community.

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Tech data science product management

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Ada Lovelace Festival 2017

19.10.2017       Berlin

Connecting Women in Computing & Technology

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AI Tech coding it

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Drupalcamp Frankfurt 2017

23.04.2017       Frankfurt

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Drupal php Tech

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VRNOW Conference

16.11.2016       Potsdam

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games VR Tech

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