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Cloud Day

22.09.2021       online

From startups and small business to big enterprises - everyone uses clouds nowadays. Modern software and web applications are not imaginable without cloud services anymore.

Learn more about this highly interesting and important topic for developers, DevOps specialists, architects and others at our WeAreDevelopers Live - Cloud Day.

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15.02.2021       Online

Konferenz für .NET, Windows & Open Innovation

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WeAreDevelopers Live Week

05.10.2020       virtual

Welcome to the second edition of the WeAreDevelopers Live Week. Join 12,000+ of the world’s brightest minds in software development to learn, share secrets and connect online from the comfort of your home – and for free.

For 5 days, WeAreDevelopers will stream 5 tracks, consisting of hyper-focused coding sessions, hands-on workshops and live Q&A sessions to help take your skills to the next level.

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ContainerConf / Continuous Lifecycle 2019

12.11.2019       Mannheim

ContainerConf: Die Konferenz zu Kubernetes, Docker & Co.
Continuous Lifecycle: Die Konferenz zu Continous Delivery und DevOps
Beide Konferenzen sind Partnerkonferenzen die zeitgleich in den gleichen Räumlichkeiten stattfinden und ein gemeinsames Programm haben.

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