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VRNOW Conference: 76% Männer

16.11.2016       Potsdam

Insgesamt sprechen:
29 Personen, davon 7 Frauen
Veranstaltet von:

Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

Themen (Tags):
games VR Tech

Codemotion Berlin 2015: 85% Männer

02.11.2015       Berlin

Insgesamt sprechen:
53 Personen, davon 8 Frauen
Veranstaltet von:

newthinking communications GmbH

Themen (Tags):
Tech UI/UX web mobile agile & lean Big Data builders cloud devops games SQL & NoSql languages Internet of Things security

Games Ireland: 86% Männer

Games Ireland Gathering returns this September to explore the theme of Product Innovation with an exciting selection of key speakers from the games industry in Ireland and abroad.

10.09.2015       Dublin

Insgesamt sprechen:
27 Personen, davon 4 Frauen

Themen (Tags):

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