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Speakers are 54% male.
Speaker count:
936 speakers total and 437 women

re:publica 17

08.05.2017       Berlin

The most inspiring festival for the digital world

Topics (Tags):
Digitales medien kunst Politik

Speakers are 72% male.
Speaker count:
7 speakers total and 2 women


16.04.2016       Wiesbaden

konferenz zur visualisierung von informationen

Topics (Tags):
visualisierung journalismus kunst design

Speakers are 63% male.
Speaker count:
235 speakers total and 87 women

transmediale 2016

03.02.2016       Berlin

transmediale is a Berlin-based festival and year-round project that draws out new connections between art, culture, and technology.

Topics (Tags):
Art Technology Culture kultur kunst Technologie

Speakers are 80% male.
Speaker count:
24 speakers total and 5 women


20.10.2015       Karlsruhe

Fachtagung »Digitale Visionen in Kunst und Kultur«

Topics (Tags):
ZKM Digitale Kunst kultur kunst

Speakers are 63% male.
Speaker count:
127 speakers total and 48 women

Transmediale 2014

29.01.2014       Berlin

'afterglow concept'

Topics (Tags):
medienkunst medien kunst berlin

Speakers are 84% male.
Speaker count:
12 speakers total and 2 women

Symposium „Limits of Control“

12.07.2013       München

Topics (Tags):
munchen kunst

Speakers are 20% male.
Speaker count:
51 speakers total and 41 women

paraflows.7 - Reverse Engineering

13.09.2012       Wien

Festival für Digitale Kunst und Kulturen

Topics (Tags):
50-prozent-plus wien kunst

Displaying all 9 events