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Speakers are 80% male.
Speaker count:
25 speakers total and 5 women

Frontend United 2016

27.06.2016       Ghent

Annual event

Topics (Tags):
Drupal design frontend it

Speakers are 66% male.
Speaker count:
78 speakers total and 27 women

TYPO Berlin

12.05.2016       Berlin

Beyond Design – International Design Talks

Topics (Tags):
Grafikdesign Illustration design Typografie

Speakers are 72% male.
Speaker count:
7 speakers total and 2 women


16.04.2016       Wiesbaden

konferenz zur visualisierung von informationen

Topics (Tags):
visualisierung journalismus kunst design

Speakers are 89% male.
Speaker count:
17 speakers total and 2 women

form – Forward Festival

09.04.2016       München

Festival für Kreativität, Design und Kommunikation

Topics (Tags):
Film fotografie Street Art design

Speakers are 45% male.
Speaker count:
9 speakers total and 5 women

Raum Schiff Erde #RSE16 Living Sustainable Patterns

21.02.2016       Hamburg

Das Raum Schiff Erde ist ein Kongress für Digitale Philosophie, Experience Design und Netzkultur mit nachhaltig globalem Anspruch.

Topics (Tags):
hamburg Kreativität digital architektur Culture patterns kultur design nachhaltigkeit Innovation

Speakers are 34% male.
Speaker count:
6 speakers total and 4 women


04.09.2015       Köln

A hand-crafted after work conference for web enthusiasts loving technology, design and inspiration in Cologne, Germany.

Topics (Tags):
Open Source design it

Speakers are 60% male.
Speaker count:
15 speakers total and 6 women


21.08.2015       Dublin

A web design and development conference based around bringing designers and developers together in a relaxed environment where they can learn, collaborate, and make new friends.

Topics (Tags):
creativity community design Development

Displaying all 8 events