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Speakers are 95% male.
Speaker count:
55 speakers total and 3 women

Cologne IT Summit

28.01.2016       Köln

„Digitalisierung – von Branchen lernen!“

Topics (Tags):
IT-Sicherheit Digitalisierung it

Speakers are 87% male.
Speaker count:
43 speakers total and 6 women

Drupalcamp Vienna 2015

27.11.2015       Wien

Konferenz über Web Technologien, Drupal, PHP

Topics (Tags):
web it

Speakers are 83% male.
Speaker count:
70 speakers total and 12 women

Nationaler IT-Gipfel 2015

18.11.2015       Berlin

Digitale Zukunft gestalten

Topics (Tags):
Digitale Agenda it

Speakers are 6% male.
Speaker count:
50 speakers total and 47 women

Ada Lovelace Festival

27.10.2015       Berlin

Connecting Women in Computing & Technology

Topics (Tags):
Computing Technology it

Speakers are 42% male.
Speaker count:
12 speakers total and 7 women


24.09.2015       Berlin

Reject.JS – an annual community JavaScript conference in Berlin.

Topics (Tags):
web development javascript it

Speakers are 34% male.
Speaker count:
6 speakers total and 4 women


04.09.2015       Köln

A hand-crafted after work conference for web enthusiasts loving technology, design and inspiration in Cologne, Germany.

Topics (Tags):
Open Source design it

Speakers are 89% male.
Speaker count:
17 speakers total and 2 women


25.06.2015       Barcelona

European Clojure Conference

Topics (Tags):
Clojure ClojureScript it

Speakers are 100% male.
Speaker count:
19 speakers total and 0 women


24.01.2015       Berlin

German Clojure Conference in Berlin

Topics (Tags):
Clojure it

Speakers are 100% male.
Speaker count:
6 speakers total and 0 women

heise Security Tour 2014

01.05.2014       Hamburg, Köln, Nürnberg, Stuttgart

"Sichere Kommunikation trotz Überwachung und Spionage"

Topics (Tags):
sicherheit heise it

Speakers are 91% male.
Speaker count:
120 speakers total and 11 women

CeBIT Global Conferences 2014

10.03.2014       HANNOVER

Topics (Tags):
hannover cebit it

Displaying events 41 - 50 of 50 in total