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SciCar Conference: Speakers are 78% male.

Where science meets computer assisted reporting

World Publishing Expo 2016: Speakers are 84% male.

The annual exhibition for the news publishing industry

10.10.2016       Wien

Speaker count:
31 speakers total and 5 women

Topics (Tags):
publishing Media

International Journalism Festival: Speakers are 64% male.

X Edition

06.04.2016       Perugia

Speaker count:
548 speakers total and 199 women

International Journalism Festival organisation

Topics (Tags):
Media Journalism

Digital Media Conference: Speakers are 100% male.

Am 11. Februar 2016 treffen sich die Entscheider aus dem Medien- und eBusiness-Umfeld,
um über die Herausforderungen und Auswirkungen der digitalen Transformation zu diskutieren.

11.02.2016       Hamburg

Speaker count:
9 speakers total and 0 women

Cassini Consulting

Topics (Tags):
digital Media

Displaying all 4 events