"50 Prozent" is a project that wants to document how much women* are misrepresented as speakers at conferences, on panels, in talkshows and many other public events. At each event we count male and female speakers and publish the percentage of each - with your help!


50 percent are the half. Women* are approximately half of all human kind, but rarely half on panels, on the mike, at talkshows or conferences. "50 percent" documents, how many women* there are actually.


If you like to count you're very welcome! Just enter the numbers, title and date of the event into the form for new events: You can find it when you click on the button that says 'Add new event' at the upper right corner.

It's also just fine to tweet about an event you'd like to see documented here, and add the hashtag #50prozent (for German), or #50percent (for English). We haven't used #50percent much yet but we hope this will change! Please also mention our Twitter account @haelfte (that's 'Half' in German). It helps us find your tweets more easily.

If you like you can also just send a mail to 50prozent (at) riseup.net


We have collected some Data. If you want to work with that you can download the data here: as CSV and as json JSON. If you want to share, please send an email to team[bei]speakerinnen[punkt]org or tagged us at Twitter.


In the Library is an overview about similar projects.

There's more

At the Speakerinnen Blog can find blogposts about projects that what to change this situation, about the reasons why it is like it now and about good examples and best practises how to change it.

Sometimes event organizers think - and say - that they don't need to change their procedures. We document that as well. And, of course, especially stunnning examples or plain great ideas.

Currently blogposts are in German only but we plan to change this. If you have ideas for blogposts or would like to publish a text about underrepresentation of women* in the public please get in touch!

("Speakerinnen" is the German word for female speakers)

Who's behind this?

We are the team that runs the Speakerinnen-Liste (female speaker list) and the 50-Percent-Database: Maren Heltsche, Tyranja, Anne Roth, Mandy Schossig, Christiane Weihe.


When we talk about women we talk about anyone who defines herself as female. This definition is represented by tha little * when we write women* or speakers*.