Edgar Varese Professorship: Speakers are 95% male.

DAAD Stipendium in Deutschland: The Edgard Varèse guest professorship for computer music has been granted to the TU Berlin in 2000. It is financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), aiming at the internationalization of learning and teaching. The contract was signed between the DAAD, the TU Berlin and the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB). The guest professor primarily addresses the students of TU Berlin, but also a broader public by musical events and performances, by developing international connections, and by cooperating with artists in Berlin, in particular guests of the Berlin artists program of the DAAD. The monograph Musik als Ars Scientia - The Edgard Varese guest professors of the DAAD at the Technische Universität zu Berlin 2000-2006 by Björn Gottstein is dedicated to our guests of the first years.

01.01.2019       Berlin

TU Berlin, DAAD

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  Existiert nicht bzw. TU Berlin, https://twitter.com/TUBerlin
Dahlia Borsche, Head of the Music Department, Artists-in-Berlin Program of the DAAD Andreas Goebel, Cultural Radio Department at the rbb Prof. Dr. Stefan Weinzierl, Head of the Audio Communication Group at the TU Berlin Henrik von Coler, Electronic Music Studio at the TU Berlin Prof. Dr. Martin Supper, UdK Berlin, https://www.ak.tu-berlin.de/servicemenue/impressum/
  bkp.berlin(-ät-)daad.de , stefan.weinzierl@tu-berlin.de, cc@ccrma.stanford.edu, anselm.goertz@t-online.de, von.loesch@sim.spk-berlin.de

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38 speakers total and 2 women
Keine Veranstaltung, sondern ein Stipendium, alles nette und tolle Künstler, 2 Frauen zu 38 Männer

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Stipendium Electronic Music berlin Universität DAAD

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