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11.12.2023       Frankfurt

IT-Konferenz für Software-Entwicklung, -Architektur, KI, Datenbanken, DevOps, Agile und Management

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Software-Entwicklung KI management devops Datenbanken agile Software-Architektur

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13.06.2019       Château du Vivier

The European tech conference & festival fusion, bringing tech professionals together.

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php Elixir CSS agile it

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Agilia Conference 2016

04.04.2016       Olomouc

Agilia Conference is Central European conference about agile methods. Narrow focus on selected topics and private exclusive content makes this event unique. Every year we present, what it is agile, why it is important for knowledge based business, what benefits it brings to organizations and how to implement required changes.

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software agile

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