Drupalcamp Munich 2016: 98% Männer

03.12.2016       Munich
Veranstaltet von:

DrupalCamp Munich Organizers/Drupal User Group Munich|Drupal e.V.

Es reden:

Es sprechen insgesamt:
47 Personen, davon eine Frau
Inc: two keynotes, both male.

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Please update

I count 46 sessions and there was another session added that was held by a woman (myself).
That makes it 2 out of 46, or 3 out of 47, if you want to count the diversity sprint that was added to the end of the first day. Still not much better, but we're working on it.

Wrong statistic

There are two female speakers on this event, Susanne (acquia) and Anja (undpaul).
One male speaker didn't come to his seasons.
On sunday there was a season with two slots for the local drupal association (Drupal e.V.).
So after all there are two Keynotes (jam for Drupal, Andreas Hucks for symfony), 40 (real) sessions, 38 from male and 2 from female speakers.
(The BOFs aren't included, because they are just included in the list when they where anounced before the camp.)

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