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Connected conference: 96% Männer

The Connected Conference is a 3-Day Conference & Expo dedicated to the intersection of Hardware & Digital.

25.05.2016       Paris

Themen (Tags):
web Economy Internet hardware

Drupalcamp Vienna 2015: 87% Männer

Konferenz über Web Technologien, Drupal, PHP

27.11.2015       Wien
Veranstaltet von:

Drupal Austria

Themen (Tags):
web it

relaunch Konferenz: 100% Männer

Erfolg im Web

20.04.2015       Köln
Veranstaltet von:

Infopark AG

Themen (Tags):
web Internet

.conc.at(): 45% Männer

We invite the web development community from Austria and the entire world to Salzburg. Have a brilliant and safe conference where you can meet old and new friends to expand your knowledge and horizon.

06.03.2015       Salzburg
Veranstaltet von:

Team Conc.at

Themen (Tags):
web HTML Development

Local Web Conference 2014 : 95% Männer

05.02.2014       Nürnberg
Veranstaltet von:

Bayerische Medien-Servicegesellschaft mbH (BayMS)

Themen (Tags):
web nuernberg digital

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